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Human Resource Outsourcing: Attributable to the challenges being faced by the enterprises in maintaining the competitive advantage and sustaining viable, Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) has become a common practice among the companies world-wide. All the HR departments, irrespective of their sector, industry or size, face the problems such as the need for reducing costs, improving HR service delivery, and retaining the talent. We, at Pivotalsoft offer our clients the absolute HR and staff augmentation services. By efficiently administring your HR functions, we give our clients the freedom to emphasize on their core operation and growth. Being a leading HR Deploying company, we offer an array of services to our clients under the Human Resource vertical.

Service lines:

Pivotalsoft offers a determined and structured way for systematize organizational processes, reducing the sustaining costs and retain the best talent in the organisation while captivate the similar resources. We offer our HR outsourcing services in a highly deliberate manner and ensure that our clients get admittance to all the HR objectives under one roof.

  • HR Dashboard
  • Data Analytics
  • Employee Life-cycle Management
  • Exit & FFS Activities
  • Employee Database Management
  • Payroll Management
  • HR Help desk
  • On Boarding
  • Performance Management System

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