Mobile App Developement

Mobile App Developement

this image shows Enterprise Mobility

There are a number of companies providing the same Enterprise Mobility services in the market. But in Pivotal Solutions with the years of experience in development and deployment of the enterprise mobility services, we have provided a lot of this services which made our clients happy and made them refer their friends about us and come back to us again and again. At Pivotal Solutions, we not only design the roadmaps and the layout we do the complete work which includes development, designing, testings, rollouts everything which is the main and integral part of an Enterprise solution.

When we opt for the Enterprise Mobility the integral part to it is the mobile device. Mobiles which are getting smarter and smarter day by day has become a very important part of the human beings. As mobiles have become a necessity and requirement for every person’s life. Because of which for the Mobility solutions all the companies are turning towards the “Mobile only” option which is handy too.


Smartphones have left behind the normal phones and the normal phones have long before backed the desktops in the race. Similarly, companies turning towards the mobile mobility has become fair enough for everyone according to the requirement of mobile mobility. And it has become very important for any company to align their mobility work in Mobile Medium for the first and furthermost then go for the other options. People generally go for the options which reduce their work and save their time.

Enterprise mobility is basically a group of expertise people who are work together for the processing of the technology and the development of the technology specifically in the mobile devices, wireless networks, and other computing devices which includes the smartphones and tablets. Enterprise Mobility Management has become an integral part in the workplaces and the business areas. And the main aim of the Enterprise Mobility is to help and make the work of the IT employees easy by determining that, How the mobile IT should be integrated to the work? How it will make the IT people work easy and how would the people will get to know and achieves all the objectives. EMM helps or we can say it supports a lot for the employees of any company to understand the things easily in the workplace.


  • STRATEGY BUILDING: We in Pivotal Solutions we consult with our clients and build a perfect strategy according to the requirements and necessity of the clients and make their work easy and help them save their valuable time and energy. We have this job for a lot of companies and made their dream true. We support every company from the first till last.
  • PERFECTLY MANAGING THE SERVICES: As we get into the work, and start working on our client's project our first and foremost step would be managing the work or the specific task among us. And every task would be managed by the specialist or the experienced and expertise person in that specific area.


  • TESTING MOBILE APPLICATIONS: There are a group of people who are very knowledgeable and specialized in the testing of the mobile applications. And we deliver you only the optimum and error-free mobile application with no bugs and our services make sure that the performance of your application is very smooth, fast and user-friendly.
  • AUTOMATION TESTING OF THE MOBILE APPLICATIONS: Automation mobile testing usually helps the clients to accelerate or increase the speed of the test cycles and reduces all the time that is being taken while making the application reach the market or to reach the people. Directly, it makes the intervention of the Human very less and does the work fast, with most accuracy with no errors and extreme reliability.
  • TESTING OF THE APPLICATION PERFORMANCE: We always update and use only those tools which are the best according to latest trends with new specifications in it. Time and again we update our self to the latest tools available to get the best results for the testing solutions of your application. These applications are very fast and are according to the latest requirement, less time consuming, scalable and the stable ones.
  • EMM SOLUTIONS: We believe on only those things which will help make your company excel and make a company into a brand. And our company include all the important spectrums that the B2B, B2C and all.

The Basic Services It Includes Are The:

  • WEB DESIGNING AND DEVELOPMENT: Our company specialist builds you the best web designs and developments as this the main and central part of any website which should be smooth and user-friendly because these are the key factors which would be attracting the viewers to a business website.
  • E-COMMERCE: With the increase in the smartphone uses and availability of everything on doorsteps has to lead to people using a lot of E-commerce site for their small and big needs. So, for any company selling their products online has become important to have a very attractive and smoothly running e-commerce site which will help draw the attention of a lot of people and make them stick on the page later convert them into effective customers.
  • HR OUTSOURCING: when a company hires another or a third party company for the handling of some of the company HR tasks and functions then it is called as HR outsourcing. We provide every possible service for all the companies irrespective of “what the industry/ company is! And what is the size of the company!” And work on all the possible field like reducing the cost, improving the services of the HR delivering, retaining the best talents to the company.
  • PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: We deliver you the best and most wonderful end results for your Business Idea with delivering you the nicest website, pages, applications or software which is done by the experienced JAVA developers, Dot Net developers and with the most fascinating UX and UI designs. Which make the users stick to your page.


  • Enterprise mobility provides the data accuracy and makes the device sharing easy and good.
  • All the costs get reduced and the efficiency of the process improves or increases gradually.
  • This service leads to increase in the productivity rate of the Employees.


  • Manufacturing industries.
  • Telecommunication sector.
  • Healthcare and retailing sectors.
  • Banking, Finance and Insurance Industries.
  • Energy and utilities.


  • Enterprise mobility consulting services: we are here to help you build the full layout and the roadmap for your project which will help you lead the goals very easily.
  • Enterprise mobility management services: we use cloud computing and reduce your task by managing your work and services and the increasing the potentiality of your work.
  • Enterprise mobility developing services: We design mobile applications, a webpage for both iOS and Android and that too customized or your personalized one from designing to development we do everything supporting these platforms.
  • Enterprise mobility innovations: if you have an idea and doesn’t know how to execute it we are here to help you out and show you a path with the innovative and unique ideas that you can implement which helps you to reach your expected goal.

We deliver you the best results, when we take a client’s project we do everything possible thing to make the campaign a success. We provide you the optimum UX and UI designs for your work and we have a very good knowledge professional with years of experience as we have been doing this for a long time. We first listen to your requirement then plan according to it and then execute it. We make all the possible steps to make the campaign go well and instead try to make your work easy and do something that is above your expectations. We have even made our own customized jobs site known as where you will be able to search the job opportunities easily sitting in a home just by searching in the net. In all over the country and this application is a savior for those who are in search of new jobs but are new to the city. As we are also into it we know how important it becomes to be leading and best in the services we provide. So, we do every possible thing to make your business a success.

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